A Taste of Time

Events | Style | Watches | 13 July 2022

A Taste of Time chronicles two decades of endurance and evolution for Swiss Watch

Inspired by the concept of time, Lifestyle Asia KL and Swiss Watch collaborate with Chef Tyson Gee of The Ruma Hotel & Residences to create ‘A Taste of Time’, a specially curated box of tartlets featuring 12 flavours that represent the spirit of time, place and heritage for Swiss Watch.

Time is many things. The influence of time in food and gastronomy has been long observed as the secret to invention and creation. With time, you transform wheat to whisky, grapes into wine, turn sugar into caramel, berries into preserves — through the art of fermentation, drying, roasting, curing, and cooking.

These artistry and crafts — some birthed through experiments — have transcended time and are revered for their distinct unique qualities. Much like the concept of time, the story of Swiss Watch is a tale of endurance and evolution. It is about taking risks and making that leap of faith to achieve an unexpectedly satisfying outcome.

Today, Swiss Watch has established itself as a well-recognised horology destination for watch enthusiasts and collectors, as well as a trusted brand for fine luxury watches. Swiss Watch is the result of Valiram’s earliest attempt to diversify and venture into new realms. Despite having almost no experience in watch retailing, the group decided to take a chance by opening its first watch boutique at Penang International Airport on April 4th, 2001.

Since its inception two decades ago, Swiss Watch now comprises nine multi-brand boutiques, and more than 30 specialist watch and jewellery boutiques representing the world’s best loved brands including the likes of Rolex, Panerai, IWC Schaffhausen, Cartier, Omega, Bulgari, and Tudor, as well as a sizeable portfolio of 50 brands across the region.

The genesis of Swiss Watch is a story of time, chance, and dedication. The brand isn’t afraid of thinking outside the box and in the same vein, we’ve worked together with Chef Tyson Gee who is the man behind ATAS Modern Malaysian Eatery at The Ruma, to create flavours that represent the same spirit that has kept the flames alive.

From surprising elements like buah keluak and the once forbidden lapsang souchong tea, to Temerloh vanilla beans that are home-grown yet exceptionally world-class, ‘A Taste of Time’ celebrates more than just good food but the concept of time with novel flavours that are unique to the Swiss Watch legacy.

Discover the 12 flavours as you journey through the story of Swiss Watch through ‘A Taste of Time’.

70% Single Origin Chocolate & Keluak

Buah keluak, a mainstay of Peranakan cuisine, demands ample time to develop. First boiled and then buried in ash for over a month, the raw keluak kernels undergo a complex method to be cured into the flavours we know today, a little sour and a little savoury. And just like its process, keluak is an acquired taste — something one learns to love over time.

The process of keluak fermentation tells the tale of endurance. Along the same vein, the story of Swiss Watch chronicles two decades of passion and hard work, developing from a single multi-brand boutique to making its own mark across Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Thailand with more than 50 multi-brand and specialist watch and jewellery boutiques.

First image: The Buah Keluak – the process of its fermentation tells the tale of endurance.
Second image: It represents Swiss Watch 20-year journey of passion and hardwork, developing from a single multi-brand boutique to its expansion across Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Thailand.

Soy Sauce Salted Caramel

Soy sauce, also known as ‘cooking caramel’, gives rise to the ‘umami’ taste we find in savoury dishes. Drawn from the beans that are fermented for the first time, the quality of the soy sauce used in this salted caramel is of the highest, and with a richer taste — pushed to the edge to ensure it brings out a distinctive balance of sweet, umami and nuttiness.

Likewise, Swiss Watch does not compromise on quality and service. As the authorised retailer for some of the world’s iconic watch brands since 2001, Swiss Watch takes pride in being a trusted source for authentic timepieces crafted by top-line watchmakers in the industry.

Sarawak Black Pepper & Roasted Pineapple

Formidably known as the ‘king of spices’, the Sarawak black pepper gets its punchy flavour through its drying process. When paired with the distinct tang of the pineapple — roasted, for extra caramelisation — it creates a unique balance of sweetness and earthiness that unfolds into spicy nuances from the pepper.

The dynamism of such a fusion symbolises luxury and royalty, much like the stature of Swiss Watch. Going beyond just retail, the brand offers an experience discovering the world of luxurious timepieces, further enriched by professional expertise and exceptional service.

Bentong Ginger

Bentong ginger, which can be found sprawled all over the mountainous regions of Pahang, is an ingredient that has wedged itself into our local cuisine as something that’s absolutely essential. Loved for its comforting warmth and that subtle hint of sweetness, ginger adds a complex layer to pretty much any dish, including a dessert such as this.

Oftentimes ginger is used to pair with spices and herbs, but unique combinations are what brings its flavour forward. Similarly, Swiss Watch has one goal in mind: to give customers what they want, and sometimes surprise them with something they never knew they wanted, with a dynamic spirit that’s brought about by a mix of talents, ideas and creativity.

Temerloh Vanilla

‘Plain vanilla’ might be a saying for whatever’s simple and monotonous — but the real thing is anything but. As a flavour that’s universally loved and equally versatile, the elegant yet stunningly complex spice continues to find its place in just about everything. Using homegrown vanilla from Temerloh, Pahang, this flavour reflects not just the Malaysian pride but also a sense of steadfast respect and loyalty.

The same quality shines through luxury timepieces, that make evergreen worthy centrepieces for life’s special milestones and celebrations, promising enduring commitment and years of wear, as well as pure aesthetic pleasure.

In the pictures: Universal and versatile, luxury timepieces make evergreen worthy centrepieces for life’s special milestones and celebrations.


Cendol is a beloved icy dessert that’s made up of pandan-coloured rice flour jelly, coconut milk and gula melaka, and has been popularised throughout the country and within the Southeast Asian region. As such, cendol unites minds alike — much like the symphony of its own flavours and textures.

As a symbol of unity and togetherness, Swiss Watch looks to build partnerships with brands based on shared values and passion. The harmony of the flavours is reflected among luxury watchmaking brands coming together to celebrate design and innovation, all for the benefit of an elevated customer experience.

Lapsang Souchong Tea

The flavour of lapsang souchong, is often described as containing ‘empyreumatic’ notes, something that comes about through the oxidation process of tea leaves smoke-dried over a pinewood fire. The sweet aroma of the black tea is exalted by the heat and smoke, often making it stand out with its unique peaty nuances.

Much like its quality of being different, Swiss Watch continues to offer distinct individuality in its branding and legacy, unafraid of thinking outside the box. Emerging through curiosity and careful consideration, Swiss Watch develops its strengths by looking at opportunities in new ways — recognising and seizing them with every chance they get.

First image: Lapsang Souchong is revered for its extremely stand out peaty notes – a unique tea that is celebrated through and through.
Second image:
Much like the lapsang souchong – standout and being different – Swiss Watch continues to offer distinct individuality in its branding and legacy, unafraid of thinking outside the box with its most recent Art of Time exhibition.
Third image: The Art of Time 2021 Exhibition marks 20 magnificent years for Swiss Watch.

Fresh Nutmeg Custard

The nutmeg made its first appearance in Penang in 1786 when it was introduced by the British, and has since found its place as a quintessential spice in all kinds of cooking — savoury, sweet and even as traditional remedies.

Mirroring its emergence into this country, Swiss Watch had a humble beginning of its own. Its first boutique opened at Penang International Airport on April 4th, 2001. And like the nutmeg, the brand has, from the start, aimed to be just as diverse — and made its first mark with an assortment of 16 watch brands.

First image: The story of the nutmeg symbolizes the emergence of Swiss Watch when it first opened in Penang International Airport on April 4th, 2001.
Second image:
In its pursuit to diversify, Valiram ventures into watch retailing with the opening of its first Swiss Watch boutique in Penang.
Third image: Swiss Watch today is a trusted brand for fine luxury watches, the result of Valiram’s earliest attempt to diversify and venture into new realms.

Roselle & Lime

The bold red colour of roselle symbolises passion, strength and energy drawn from its surroundings. Inspired by our own national flower, roselle as an ingredient carries therapeutic properties. Lime, on the other hand, alludes to energy — the great zest that one carries throughout life in order to keep going and pursuing their dreams.

Symbolising growth, endurance and the art of blossoming, the roselle’s traits are present in Swiss Watch, a homegrown Malaysian brand that continues to develop. Today, Swiss Watch is the leading Malaysian-owned, Malaysian-loved timepiece retailer of artfully made watches, comprising nine multi-brand boutiques and representing over 50 brands ranging from affordable to supreme luxury.

Kaya & Toast

Kaya is to Malaysian toast as rain is to monsoon. A classic in its own right, kaya is made from some of the simplest ingredients — coconut milk, eggs and sugar — yet the cooking process takes hours. It is a slow affair, but watching the ingredients come together to form a smooth custard that’s delightfully decadent is truly a rewarding one. Its sweet flavour is made even better when paired with warm toast — a kopitiam staple.

Sometimes something as simple as kaya with toast can evoke pleasant memories despite the new and different flavours coming about today. Similarly, in present day’s digitally driven world, many believe that traditional wristwatches have no place. Instead of regarding them as redundant, it can be a lesson in cherishing craftsmanship and classical design. Nothing can match the thrill of watching a movement whirring away through an open caseback, just as there are few things as rewarding as creating a Malaysian classic like kaya.

Nangka & Chili

Jackfruit and chili is a lethal pairing, an unexpected combination that brings forth a satisfying flavour profile nuanced with sweetness and spiciness. Commonly found in Malay cooking and Peranakan cuisine, jackfruit recipes include bold spices like turmeric and aniseed — always changing the licorice quality of the fruit while reinventing its flavours.

As the leading home-grown luxury watch retailer, Swiss Watch continues to stimulate the market with novelty and excitement. Always pushing boundaries and going against all odds, the brand stays ahead of the race amongst the foremost of luxury timepiece retailers in the region.

In 2010, Valiram marked its presence in Singapore with the first Swiss Watch boutique in Resorts World Sentosa.

Singapore Chili Crab

Exploring beyond our well-known roots, the reinterpretation of the Singapore chili crab epitomises the balance of sweet and sour; spicy and savoury. A signature must-have in Singapore, the flavours of the chilli crab represents Swiss Watch’s foundation in the region.

The frenzy of flavours in the chili crab pay homage to Swiss Watch’s expansion to the Lion City. After starting off at Penang International Airport, Valiram was awarded the concession in Singapore Changi Airport before subsequently opening an elegant Swiss Watch boutique and multiple specialist watch boutiques at Resorts World Sentosa in 2010, showcasing the brand’s capabilities of expanding beyond home.

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