Bell & Ross The Ceramic Instrument Watch (BR 03)

Watches | 4 August 2014



Because Bell & Ross watches meet the demands of those working under extreme conditions, Bell & Ross has established a reputation among professional users. Today astronauts, fighter pilots, divers, mine-clearing experts and elite police officers use Bell & Ross watches as a tool in their work.

In their quest to create the ideal utilitarian watch—drawing on their experience in the aeronautical and military fields—engineers, master watchmakers, designers and professional aviators pooled their expertise to define a novel concept: the instrument watch. Since aeronautical instrumentation is the gold standard in terms of readability, reliability and performance, the BR 03 instrument watch echoes the design principles of a plane’s cockpit clock. A utilitarian watch, perfectly suited for professional use, it is the ideal embodiment of the brand’s philosophy: functionality drives design. With the constant ambition to remain at the cutting edge of watchmaking technique, Bell & Ross is a pioneer in the latest technologies, mainly those first created for aeronautical or military use. In 2014, stamping its modern vision on professional watchmaking, Bell & Ross enhanced the BR 03 instrument watch with a high-tech, hard-wearing material: ceramic.

A High-Tech Ceramic Case

In aeronautics, and especially aerospace, ceramics are the material of choice for parts that must withstand extremely high temperatures, exposure to acids, corrosion and erosion. This is why ceramics are commonly found in thermal cladding or the nose cones of spacecrafts and due to its biocompatibility it is often found in the medical world. Bell & Ross has reworked the ceramic, developing a specific manufacturing process which enhances the intrinsic qualities of this remarkable material, which resists scratching, does not fade, and weighs less than other materials.
• Scratch-proof: Ceramic is one of the hardest materials in the world, after diamond, making it resistant to wear and fading. Its unglazed color will
stand the test of time.
• Lightweight: lighter than steel, it is still ultra-strong.
• Comfortable: hypoallergenic, easy to wear, it is soft to the touch and immediately adapts to body temperature.