Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross is a watchmaker specialized in aeronautical instrumentation. Bell & Ross has a mission: to invent, design and manufacture exclusive and perfectly functional timepieces for professionals working under extreme conditions. In Its la Chaux-de-fonds manufacture based in Switzerland, bell & ross perpetuates the Swiss art of luxury watchmaking.

Bell & Ross

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Ideal For Professional Tool For Scuba Diving In Icy Zones

Divers are fascinated by icy seas, polar oceans and frozen lakes, and some bold adventurers set out to explore these mysterious cold-covered expanses. For the intrepid few, Bell & Ross has developed the BR 03-92 Diver White. Readable, functional and reliable, the BR 03-92 Diver White will seduce design enthusiasts and seasoned divers alike. Its immaculate hue is reminiscent of snow and ice floes, yet this sporty chic watch also works in the city, giving the wearer a stylish look. Waterproof and robust, the BR 03-92 Diver White meets the demanding specifications of the Swiss diving watch, complying with the ISO 6425 standard.

Time to take off with BR 05 GMT

For its first dual time zone model in its 05 range, Bell & Ross offers a more urban interpretation of travel and time. Non-mobility has made the travel experience highly desirable, as has the environment of airports, and aircrafts. The dynamism of lounges and the joyful noise of the schedule board are the background of globe-trotters on the move.
They will be landing in different capitals, connecting to different time zones, keeping multiple temporalities in mind: the road is that of the sky leading to new directions and life experiences.
The BR 05 GMT widens the field of possibilities, awakens a glimmer of hope, brings us back to our dynamic reality.

Bell & Ross 1 Utama

In partnership with Bell & Ross, Swiss Watch was delighted to welcome passengers to #BRAirpodX , a journey to celebrate the future of time and trave

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Bell & Ross WW1Guynemer

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