Modernity and tradition go hand-in-hand at Nadodi. Our artisanal creations make creative use of exclusively sourced ingredients plus specialty farmed produce to earn a place at our table, and on your plate. We harness completely contemporary techniques to retrofit an age old traditional recipe with modernity. This can result in surprising discoveries with an absolutely fresh perspective on familiar cuisine tropes that must be experiences and savoured to be believed.


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A well-worn path

From Tamil Nadu to Kerala and crossing the then-usable land bridge into Sri Lanka, the food of the nomad peoples have sustained them and nurtured their tribes throughout the ages. Ingredients were more found than sourced and the practicality of ‘making do’ over-rode any thoughts of grandeur of an actual cuisine in their quest for survival.

Four journeys of a lifetime with Nadodi dinner menus

Experience our tasting menus - with your choice of various lengths - to go on a journey of a lifetime.

Nadodi: a Unique Nomadic Culinary Fusion Adventure in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We would love for you to experience our unique adventure in nomadic culinary fusion from across three regions.