La Martina SS 17 – Women’s Shoe Firulete

The drawing on the shoe is inspired by the famous“fileteadoporteño”,a special drawing typical of the town of Buenos Aires that became a peculiarity of the Argentine capital in the years that liberty architecture was shaping the most chic neighbourhoods.The drawings were used at first by immigrants from Sicily to embellish their carriages. Along the years,the drawings moved to store signboards and became an art form.In 2015 the fileteado porteño was declared a Unesco Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Sneakers in white leather with rubber sole and floral print on the side of the shoe, matching the red profiling and back patch; contrasting elastic band on the side and classic La Martina horses on the front flap.

La Martina Shoes
La Martina shoes have a strong saddlery imprint, as they are part of a world built around the game of polo. Embossed elements and the use of the finest leather are some of the details that characterisethe collection.