Sail Away to Paradise with Bath & Body Works Island Time!

Lookbook | Products | 5 August 2020

Tropical Traditions  – Find your fragrance getaway! Sun warmed coconuts, white sand beaches, and gentle tropical breezes….your tropical getaway is closer than you think! 

There are six fragrances in the collection: 

1. Waikiki Beach Coconut 

Sun-warmed coconut groves, stunning white sands & gentle tropical breezes. Welcome to your own personal Hawaiian coconut paradise. 

Scent note: A warm, islandy blend of tropical white coconut, saltwater breezes & sun bleached woods 

2. Bahamas Passionfruit & Banana Flower

Banana trees gently sway under clear blue skies. Passionfruit blossoms fill the air. Grab a bungalow and bask in the beauty of this fresh tropical fruit fragrance.

Scent note: A tropical cocktail of passionfruit, pineapple leaves & banana flower  

3. Bali Black Coconut

Sail away to Bali’s beautiful black sand beaches with this exotic coconut fragrance. 

Scent note: An alluring, tropical mix of coconut milk, sea salt musk & black sand 

4. Bora Bora Citrus Surf

Shimmering ocean waves. The scent of crisp, sunny citrus in the air. Bora Bora, your tropical oasis, is calling. 

Scent note: A fruity, islandy blend of sugared lemon, dewy waterfruit & vanilla bean

5. Tiki Bay Island Margarita

When it’s sunset o’clock in Tiki Bay, there’s no better way to end the day than with an Island Margarita.  

Scent note: A whisk-you-away blend of sweet mandarin, island mango & sea salt 

6. Fiji Sunshine Guavatini

The sun shines brighter in the heart of the South Pacific, where your Fiji island getaway awaits. Kick back and relax…it’s Guava-tini time. 

Scent note: A bright & beachy cocktail of sun-kissed guava, fresh orange & seaside jasmine 

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