The Rise Of Asia: Maurice Lacroix Welcomes A New Ambassador

News | 30 January 2015

Maurice Lacroix Welcomes Jang Dong Gun, The Famous South Korean Actor And Musician, As Its New Brand Ambassador.






The South Korean metropolis of Seoul is currently considered a hot spot in matters of trend-setting and lifestyle. Asian citizens, including millions of young Chinese, enjoy the amazing array of South Korean musicians, actors, soap stars and other entertainment artists. Consequently, Maurice Lacroix welcomed the representation of the brand by one of the best known personalities in Asia, Jang Dong Gun, and reaffirmed its pioneering role in trendsetting with this collaboration. The actor and musician Jang Dong Gun has become established as a skilled and popular superstar in the Asian entertainment world in recent years, exhibiting incredible skill, mastering his craft and delighting audiences, both in his native South Korea and across all of Asia, with his own unique and popular brand of entertainment.