Time To Appreciate, Time to Soar

Events | Style | Watches | 14 July 2022

Time To Appreciate, Time to Soar

Despite the challenges of the past year, three Malaysian personalities reflect on 2021 and reveal their hopes and aspirations for the year ahead.

2021 is almost over and for many, the year proved to be one of the most challenging in recent times. As the world slowly returns to some resemblance of normalcy, there is hope on the horizon. With a new year approaching, we are all filled with hopes and dreams of a better year ahead.

The arrival of 2022 is not complete without reflecting on the past year. And for three personalities, their stories and colourful retrospective look at 2021, serve as inspiration for all of us to look back on the extraordinary events and lessons learned in the past 12 months.

Swiss Watch sat down with entrepreneur Dian Lee, fashion influencer, Nazreem Musa and fashion model, Joseph Yeap to uncover their stories of self-reflection, enlightenment and of the important lessons learned from a challenging year as well as their hopes and aspirations for a brighter 2022.

“Celebrate The Moments, Both Big And Small”- Dian Lee

A mover and shaker in the world of business, Dian Lee has spearheaded numerous companies in the realm of property development, F&B as well as health and wellness. The entrepreneur is renowned for her acute business acumen and creativity, which she has honed for the documentary project ‘M For Malaysia’.

Keeping a tight and busy schedule is part of Dian’s lifestyle, which is why when the world went into lockdown, she found herself faced with an entirely new day-to-day scenario. With many forced to stay at home due to the restricted movement control, Dian found a silver lining amidst it all. “The lockdown gave me precious time to spend with the family. It also allowed me the time to reflect on my life and myself.”

This newfound approach is also being carried towards by Dian into the new year. “It’s about being more present and remember to not just celebrate the big moments but also the little things – to live each day with mindfulness and openness.”

Classy, stylish, and elegant, the Panthère de Cartier watch truly resonates with Dian. A quintessential jewellery watch, it boasts distinctive art deco lines and a design that is emblematic of the Maison. Bold, magnetic, wild, and free, it’s both a timepiece and a piece of jewellery that is both captivating and alluring at the same time.

Watch Dian’s story by clicking here.

“Take Risks And Do Everything In Your Power To Make Things Happen” – Nazreem Musa

Displaying a keen eye for fashion, Nazreem Musa has garnered a strong following for his ability to blend styles and outfits. Fluid, avant-garde, and archival is often used to describe Nazreem’s fashion sense and it has struck a chord with his followers.

An individual that constantly pushes the boundaries of style, his outfits has constantly defied fashion norms. Never one to follow the rules, Nazreem’s fashion sense is both experimental and fun and driven by the power of self-expression. One that he has clearly displayed to his audience throughout the year on his social media platforms.

“I’m grateful for still being able to be creative, and to reach out and interact with my followers, through the power of social media,” says Nazreem. “If one thing the past year has taught us is that being connected is more important than ever.”

Nazreem also takes solace in the fact that the challenges faced in 2021 has transformed his mindset. “It’s taught me to take risks, to stop procrastinating and to do whatever it takes to make things happen. This is a motto that I’ll be taking into the new year, and to kick 2022 off with a bang.”

A stylish icon, needs an equally stylish watch, and the Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph certainly fits well with Nazreem’s unique style. A watch for those with impeccable tastes, the 42mm timepiece boasts modern-retro touches with elegant motifs like rectangular chronograph pushers and bi-compax dial.

Watch Nazreem’s story by clicking here.

“Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Fails To Work Hard.” – Joseph Yeap

A rising star in the local fashion scene, Joseph Yeap is one of the country’s most in-demand models. The avid art enthusiast and trained graphic designer got into modelling after he was discovered after a casual go-see. He was quickly sought after by numerous shows and by international agencies.

His ability to quickly adapt to this new colourful world of fashion and modelling has contributed to his success. It’s that mindset to be prepared, work hard, and to expect the unexpected that has helped him stay the course on his modelling journey despite the numerous challenges the industry faced first-hand.

“Although the restricted movements, SOPS and social distancing put a pause on physical shows, I am thankful that the industry was still able to provide us opportunities through avenues like digital shows,” expresses Joseph.

He opines that the fashion world will bounce back in stylish form with physical shows soon enough and he is relishing the opportunity to use that to fuel his career forward. “I want to one day own my own graphic design studio and also to inspire my peers and upcoming talents in the industry.”

For a young and upcoming talent in the fashion industry, the Maurice Lacroix AIKON Venturer GMT is a perfect fit for Joseph. Sporting a radically modern look, the 43mm timepiece is both stylish and highly-functional. Plus, with its Easychange system, the timepiece can swap styles quickly and effortlessly to match any outfit or occasion.

Watch Joseph’s story by clicking here.

Past, Present And Future

As we move towards welcoming a new year, it is always prudent to look at our past to take stock of the challenges that we have overcome and use that positive momentum to guide us into the future. This unique Swiss Watch collaboration with Dian Lee, Nazreem Musa and Joseph Yeap offers a retrospective look into what was arguably a challenging year for many. It is through these inspired stories that we hope people will find a source of encouragement to welcome 2022 with a bright and positive mindset.

Swiss Watch is proud to be an authorized retailer for Breitling, Cartier and Maurice Lacroix.
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